If You Owe Student Loans, Make Sure You Check The Status

by John Watts on March 8, 2012

I hope this email finds you having a good week. Hard to believe it is March already….

Student loans have been in the news a lot lately — primarily due to the large number of people (younger and older) who are out of deferment/forbearance and who are in default.  Many economists are worried that the student loan bubble/burst will be just as damaging to our economy as the foreclosure crisis….

Are you behind or current?

Regardless of whether you believe you are behind or current, if you have federal student loans you need to check the status.

Think of this the same way as checking your credit reports (you have checked this year, right?). You need to know what’s out there before you can, as a friend of mine says, “analyze the data.” (Go here to find out about pulling your credit reports for free….)

The easiest way to check your student loans is to access the federal online database using your PIN. Read this article to find out more about how to use, or get your PIN, in order to check the status of your federal student loans.

Make sure that what is being said about your loans (amounts, status, etc) is accurate.

We will talk more about student loans in the near future but for now do pull your information and see what you find out.

Have a great rest of the week and we will connect with you next week!

John Watts
Watts & Herring, LLC


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Click here to read (or watch a video) on the differences in collection powers between federal student loans and private student loans.

Helpful new opinion from Alabama Supreme Court on foreclosures and when they can be illegal.

Click here to read some of our lawsuits that we have filed — sometimes we know the best way to learn is by example so we wanted to give you some examples of how to fight back against collectors, credit reporting agencies, and mortgage companies.


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