Consumer Power — A Hot Plate And Consequences….

by John Watts on January 19, 2012

I hope you are doing well this Thursday morning.

A few weeks ago I was eating Mexican food and I went to push a plate of hot fajitas away.

Now I knew the plate was hot but I wasn’t concerned because I was going to push the wooden part of the plate, not the metal part. That’s kind of a no brainer, right?

But . . . But I put my finger on the hot metal part because I wasn’t looking.

It happened for just a moment and it burned my finger.

I remember I held onto the cold water glass to get the swelling down. Still had this rather gross looking big white part on the end of my finger.

It is finally peeled off and I have somewhat normal looking skin on my finger now. :)

So what’s the point? Simply this — there are consequences to what we do.

It would be crazy for me to blame the plate — it was my fault it happened.

I was thinking about this because of a problem that is very serious in Alabama, and other states, and that is debt buyers who file bogus lawsuits against consumers.

Debt buyers claim to buy old debt.

Then they sue.

Often, if not almost always, they cannot or will not prove in the lawsuit that they are entitled to win.

Kind of like suing someone over a car wreck and then not showing up at trial, not proving you were hurt, etc.

There are consequences.

One consequence is the debt buyer loses.

A second consequence, at least in Alabama, is there has been a judicial determination that the consumer does not owe the debt buyer any money on that account.

A consequence of this is the debt buyer must get this account off of the consumer’s credit reports.

The debt buyers kick and scream and cry and whine over this.

“How could we know we would have to prove our case?”

“It is not fair just because we lost that we can’t continue to collect this debt.”

“We file so many lawsuits, we can’t keep up with the ones we lose.”

They especially cry about the unfairness of being sued.

Well, they should know, there are consequences to losing and consequences to not having proof at trial.

Just like I had no one to blame about my finger, they have no one to blame except themselves.

Over to the right you can find links that talk about this and a couple of recent suits that we have filed against LVNV, a prominent debt buyer, for continuing to collect after losing at trial.

Oh, and on a positive note, here is the consequence of being in santa pajamas, getting a little guitar and some ninja stuff, and being 7 years old on Christmas day….. :)

Ninja Guitar

Have a great day and weekend!

John Watts
Watts & Herring, LLC


Here are a few links to some recent lawsuits against LVNV after the Alabama consumer won the collection lawsuit. LVNV and the credit bureaus sued and LVNV, collection lawyers, and Equifax sued.

“I won my collection lawsuit!  Now what?”

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