Consumer Power — Ever Heard Of Debt Buyer LVNV?

by John Watts on December 9, 2011

Wow — it is December.

Soon it will be time to remember to write “2012″ on your checks….

[By the way, I'm out of town so I'm hopeful this email will actually make it to you. I will be back next week so if you have emailed or called me, I'll connect with you then. Thanks!]

Time passes.

Life changes.

But in the midst of change, there are some things that don’t change.

Debt buyers, for example.

If anything, right after the first of the year, they become more aggressive as they are hoping to get your tax refund. Even in the month of December, they hope to get your christmas bonus or have you divert money from your holiday activities to paying them.

If they do this legally, it is fine.

But when they do this illegally, not so fine.

LVNV is a famous debt buyer that sues many people in Alabama and around the country.

We have noticed an increase in times when LVNV sues, loses the lawsuit, and then refuses to delete the account off of the credit reports. At least in Alabama, this is required in our judgment.

We have also seen where LVNV will not only continue to credit report, but will have collection agencies or collection lawyers to collect against Alabama consumers. The same Alabama consumers who a judge found do not owe LVNV one penny.

You can read about a couple of our lawsuits we have filed against LVNV in the last year or so:

** Suing an Alabama consumer who had settled an alleged debt with LVNV and, even after losing the case, still falsely reported the consumer owed LVNV a balance. You can read the lawsuit here.

** Suing an Alabama consumer and losing at trial. Then continuing to credit report, even after the consumer disputed through the credit reporting agencies. Then, sending collection letters from a collection lawfirm on the debt the judge ruled was not owed. You can read the lawsuit here.

These are representative of the types of cases that exist, so if you have been sued by LVNV, and won your case, we strongly urge you to check your credit reports and to see if LVNV is still trying to collect a debt that you do not owe.

If you have had any type of similar experience, we would like to hear from you as it is always helpful to be able to show a court and a jury that these are not isolated incidents of misconduct but, instead, this is the way LVNV does business.

Have a great day and weekend and we’ll connect with you next week — in December…. :)

John Watts


Be sure and check out our website Sued By A Debt Collectoryou can click here to find a list of debt buyers (including LVNV) and here to read about what happens after you win your case.



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